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SureSmile vs Invisalign — Affordable Clear Aligners

Posted on Aug 25, 2021 3:56 pm

When you are searching for affordable clear aligners, comparing SureSmile vs Invisalign just makes sense. While neither can be considered “cheap aligners,” they both fall into the range of affordable. We examined both head-to-head to rate them in terms of pros and cons. The final decision will be yours.

SureSmile vs Invisalign — Head-to-Head

Although Invisalign® received FDA approval first in 1998, SureSmile® was not far behind and received its approval in November 2000. These two industry leaders have been facing off in the marketplace for more than 20 years.

In a direct marketing comparison, Invisalign clearly took the early lead by spending more and concentrating on building its brand name recognition. While Invisalign is practically a household name, SureSmile is not as well-known.

Both clear tray aligner systems function in the same manner. They use constant pressure (applied force) to shift teeth into proper alignment. Both use digital imagery and computer software to craft alignment trays from 3D images. Both are almost invisible. In fact, these two systems are very similar in many ways.

Both systems recommend wearing tray aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day. Invisalign users shift tray sets to the next set in the series approximately every two weeks. SureSmile users may shift trays every one to two weeks depending on the custom treatment plan.

SureSmile — Pros and Cons


  • Shorter treatment duration in many cases
  • Essix® ACE material is durable and works consistently
  • Patients have the choice of the trim line
  • Less painful than traditional braces


  • It can take two to four weeks from the initial appointment to beginning treatment
  • Mid-treatment adjustments may be necessary

Invisalign — Pros and Cons


  • Nearly invisible alignment trays
  • SmartTrack material is extremely durable, providing consistent results
  • Proven track record with over 9 million corrected smiles
  • Easy replacement for lost or damaged tray aligners (may require extra costs)
  • Less painful than traditional metal or clear braces


  • Treatment plans can vary from 12 to 18 months or longer
  • More costly than other tray alignment systems

SureSmile vs Invisalign — The Bottom Line

Although it is difficult to specify precise pricing models for each treatment plan, there are some average pricing figures in the market. SureSmile is said to average around $4,000 whereas Invisalign averages out at $5,000. When looking for cheap aligners, neither fits the profile, but they are both affordable.

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