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Oral Surgery Instructions

Pre and Post Oral Surgery Alexandria, MN

It is important to follow instructions before and after you have oral surgery to ensure proper healing and to avoid complications.

Prior to Oral Surgery

Notify your dental specialist if you have an illness such as a cold, sore throat, or upset stomach or bowels. Prepare a comfortable area at home ahead of time where you can rest and relax, and be sure that your schedule is cleared of any activities for at least a day.

Things to Avoid Prior to Oral Surgery

  • Smoking or drinking 8 hours prior
  • Wearing contact lenses, jewelry, lipstick, excessive makeup, or nail polish at the time of surgery.
  • After Oral Surgery

As a rule of thumb, you should always wait two hours after surgery before eating to let the anesthesia wear off. Trying to eat before this could result in soft tissue damage because you are not able to feel all of your mouth. After your surgery the doctor or dental assistant will give you full instructions on how to properly recover from surgery.

If you have been scheduled to get your wisdom teeth removed, or another dental procedure that requires surgery, it is essential that you follow read the following for tips prior to surgery and post-op instructions.

Some discomfort is normal after the extraction of teeth. As a result, we may prescribe pain reliever medication for you to take as needed.

To prevent nausea, it is a good idea to have some food or liquid in your stomach when taking pain medication. Pain medicines that contain a narcotic may impair judgment and reflexes. It is important to avoid operating any machinery or doing any activities while taking these medications.

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