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Knowing the Benefits of White Fillings

Posted on Jun 24, 2019 3:14 pm

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of white fillings? More than just aesthetically pleasing, white fillings may be the best option for the health of your mouth.

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What Are White Fillings?

Dr. Joseph M. Haack provides aesthetically pleasing restorative dentistry, ensuring that the restorations naturally mix with tooth enamel for a natural, appealing product. Fillings are the most prevalent type of dental restoration and are used to restore cavities. The resin we use to fill is the same material that we use to repair chips, cover stains, or close gaps between teeth in dental bonding.

Who Is a Candidate for White Fillings?

Anyone can be a candidate to receive the benefits of white fillings or bondings. If you have even small imperfections in your mouth like hairline cracks, we can help you perfect your teeth. White fillings, also known as bondings, are often used for giving a gorgeous, maintenance-free image both in front and back of the mouth. Unlike amalgam (silver) fillings, for an unnoticeable restoration, white fillings can be mixed with the color of the tooth. Composites can alter the color and reshape your teeth. To generate a straighter, brighter, and more attractive smile, they are used to remove stains and close small gaps between teeth.

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Benefits of White Fillings Include:

Aesthetics | Create a whiter smile. By choosing our composite fillings, you are choosing an option that will blend well with your existing teeth. A very good option for frontal teeth.

Flexibility | By adding durability to your natural teeth, we are able to fix chips, cracks and other less than ideal circumstances in your mouth. A composite filling also leaves your natural tooth mostly undisturbed. By working through bonding with the rest of the tooth, this gives damaged teeth the strength they need.

Protection | Don’t risk the gamble of further damaging your teeth. By using our composite material you are choosing a tried and true method. Our fillings are unaffected by temperature or other factors and are always held to our highest standard.

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