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How Much is Invisalign?

Posted on May 19, 2021 2:24 am

When you ask most orthodontists, “How Much is Invisalign?” they may try to elude the question. While no one can give you an exact answer until after an examination, at 320 Dental and Ortho Studio we keep our pricing structure right upfront. Let’s examine different factors that can have a bearing on the final cost of treatment.

Examining Factors That Affect Cost

The first, and perhaps biggest factor, affecting the cost of Invisalign is the degree of misalignment. If you have a few slightly crooked teeth, your treatment cost will be lower. If, however, you have a greater degree of crowding, your costs will be higher.

Other factors that may affect cost include:

  • Duration of treatment
  • Number of aligner tray sets required
  • Insurance offsets or use of HSA funds

Surprisingly, the location of your orthodontist may also have an impact on cost. Statistics show that prices are often lower in rural areas. Many orthodontists offer a cash payment discount if treatment is paid in full. At 320 Dental and Ortho Studio, there are many discounts and payment options available to make the cost of Invisalign affordable.

How Much is Invisalign Treatment?

When examining the difference in cost between Invisalign and traditional braces, people normally assume that braces are less expensive. In many instances, there is a slightly higher cost with Invisalign, but the benefits may outweigh the cost advantage.

One thing to bear in mind (and to avoid sticker shock) is that the cost estimate you receive after your initial consultation includes your entire treatment period. While the figure may seem high, it covers:

  • All monthly visits
  • Free shuttle service from AAHS and Discovery Middle School for after-school appointments
  • In-depth oral hygiene instructions
  • A Sonicare electric toothbrush
  • Professional Opalescence Whitening
  • Final retainers

While we can’t offer a firm price estimate without a complete examination, we can offer ballpark figures and average pricing. In Alexandria, MN, the average cost of Invisalign treatment is normally around $6,500, but not at 320 Dental and Ortho Studio! In a continuing effort to keep treatment affordable, Dr. Joseph Haack offers treatment plans that range from $780 to $5,700.

Another factor that allows Invisalign to fit neatly into your budget is the availability of easy payment plans. Depending on the length of treatment, payments can be arranged that ease the anxiety of answering the question, “How much is Invisalign?”

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