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Free Virtual Consultation – Invisalign & Braces

Posted on Mar 28, 2020 4:27 pm

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is causing quite a ripple throughout the world, impacting millions of businesses worldwide. Fortunately, however, we have already adapted to new safety parameters by creating a free virtual consultation for Invisalign and braces. During all of this social distancing, we want to make sure that patients are still able to seek orthodontic treatment. Besides, what better time to start wearing Invisalign or braces than during a nationwide shut-in? That’s a silver lining! Simply click here to begin your free virtual consultation for Invisalign and braces, today.

Why Virtual Consultations?

Virtual consultations provide a plethora of benefits for both Doctors and patients. In this instance, it provides you with a way to begin orthodontic treatment without leaving your home or coming into our office. During times of national safety concerns like the COVID-19 pandemic, these virtual consultations quite literally save lives by eliminating the possibility of spreading any viral infections through social contact. Furthermore, virtual consultations are great! You can stay cozy at home and still provide us with all of the information necessary to begin treatment recommendations.

How Do I Begin My Free Virtual Consultation?

Beginning your free virtual consultation for Invisalign or braces is incredibly simple. First, click this link to be taken to the virtual consultation page. From there, we will only ask you a few questions. For example, we ask only for your basic contact information, first. Additionally, we ask that you provide us with commentary on what bothers you about your smile. This commentary can literally be anything that you dislike about your current smile. We’re here to help you develop a smile to be proud of, so every detail matters. Lastly, we only ask for a few close-up photos of your teeth. Specifically, we ask for a close up of your smile in addition to an (optional) selfie. The selfie may be optional, but it does help us better understand your overall facial structure to make better orthodontic recommendations.

Click here to begin your free virtual consultation for Invisalign or braces, today – and get one step closer to achieving the smile of your dreams.

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