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Dentist in Alexandria MN

Posted on Sep 19, 2019 5:02 pm

Community Dental Care

Haack Orthodontics provides outstanding dental care to members of the Alexandria, MN community. When seeking a dentist in Alexandria, MN you don’t have to look far from home. We are partners in this community driving forward to bring great healthcare to everyone in our community. By working together with our patients we are able to find affordable options for everyone no matter the budget. Utilizing modern technology and by providing excellent care we stay on top of changes in the dental industry and implement the ones that can truly make a difference in our patient’s lives. You can think of us as your partner in improving your smile and dental health.

Dentist Alexandria MN

Some of Our Services

Dental Bondings & Fillings | At Haack Orthodontics we have the tools and knowledge to treat just about any dental scenario. By offering restorative dental techniques which are also visually appealing, we offer you the best of both worlds. Effective care such as bondings or white fillings not only repairs problem areas of the mouth, it also looks seamless. As opposed to traditional silver bondings, our color-matched bonding resin is a great modern solution. Free from harmful material and quite natural looking.

Crowns & Bridges | Dental crowns fit snuggly over teeth to provide strength and protection to fragile teeth. By being a fixed point in the mouth, teeth treated with dental crowns are a permanent option unlike dentures or other dental hardware. Dental crowns are a great way to repair and add powerful aesthetic gains to your smile. They will also strengthen teeth and prevent any further degradation. Dental bridges are essentially replacement teeth created from metal, porcelain or a combination of both. Missing teeth can result in more strain on other teeth. Chewing can become more difficult and other problems may arise. Choosing a bridge can fill in gaps and create a much better-looking smile or even facial shape.

Tooth and Gum Health | At Haack Orthodontics we have treatment for teeth and gums. We can help keep both clean and healthy. Gums are often overlooked but very important. Gum recession and tooth decay are linked by some of the same factors, and it is vital that you keep on top of your dental hygiene in and out of office. By regularly scheduling appointments with Dr. Haack you can avoid and diagnose problems which will only get worse under the same conditions. Although you may not even realize it, you may not be spending enough time dedicating care to certain areas of your mouth. That’s where we step in. When planning to see a dentist in Alexandria, MN there are many things to keep in mind. We are here to help address your problems and create a plan to combat them. Working with you every step of the way.

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