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Custom Mouth Guards in Alexandria MN

Posted on Feb 21, 2020 10:35 am

Do You Need Custom Mouth Guards in Alexandria MN?

320 Studio provides custom-fit mouth guards in Alexandria MN at an affordable price for a variety of different uses.

What Are Custom Mouth Guards?

Custom mouth guards protect your teeth during intense physical exercises or sports collision impacts are possible. For example, in a high-impact sport like football, a custom mouthguard is highly recommended. Any impact to the face can cause severe friction between your teeth. This friction is incredibly harmful to your oral health, leading to increased chances of gum disease and tooth damage. Additionally, even low-impact sports cause teeth grinding in some athletes due to severe tension in the jaw. In all of these cases, we highly recommend a custom mouth guard. Simply click here to schedule a free consultation.

Why Not Go The Generic Route?

Over-the-counter mouth guards simply don’t provide the same levels of protection and reliability as our custom-fitted mouth guards. For example, when you come into 320 Studio for a custom fit mouth guard, we ensure that every detail of your piece is tailored especially for you. Instead of boiling a generic mouth guard in hot water and biting down to create your fit, we first create a medically detailed mold of your mouth. Then, we take that mold and design a professional thermoplastic mouth guard around it.

Furthermore, we take into account the specific sport you or your loved one plays to determine the density and thickness of the piece. Additionally, our mouth guards last much longer due to the quality of materials and proper fitting. Finally, maintenance is key to truly protecting those teeth. We provide most of our athletes with a replacement mouth guard during their 6-month checkup to ensure wear-and-tear on the plastic never reaches the teeth.

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