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Cosmetic Dentist Near Me | Alexandria MN

Posted on Jul 9, 2019 5:50 pm

If you are searching for a cosmetic dentist near me in Alexandria MN, Dr. Haack is ready to help.

Bondings and Fillings

Dr. Haack is a cosmetic dentist near Alexandria MN. Meaning that our restorations naturally mix with tooth enamel for a natural, appealing result. Fillings are the most prevalent type of dental restoration and are used to restore cavities. The resin we use to fill is the same material that we use to repair chips, cover stains, or close gaps between teeth in dental bonding.

Crowns and Caps

Dental crowns are a cap used to cover a damaged tooth that exists already. Crowns give advantages such as increased strength, and improved shape. Gold and metal alloys, acrylic, or ceramic can be used to make dental crowns. You can customize porcelain and ceramic crowns to mix in with your natural color of the tooth. Dental implant functions include: Protecting a fragile tooth, restoring a broken tooth, attaching a dental bridge, replacing fillings when there is not enough remaining tooth, covering a dental implant or tooth with root canal therapy, covering an incorrect or discolored tooth.

The positioning of dental crowns is one of the most popular processes the doctor conducts. To provide power and protection, dental crowns fit over the teeth, and the doctor has many uses for them, such as repairing damaged teeth after root canal treatment and covering the teeth. Dr. Haack can even restore dental implants and dental crowns.

Hygiene and Preventative Maintenance

It is your gums, jawbone, and connective tissues which are accountable for keeping your teeth safe. Unhealthy gums lead to gum disease, resulting in loss of teeth and tooth. In our dental office in Alexandria, MN, our dental hygiene team is educated, experienced and ready to administer outstanding dental care. Take care of your teeth early on and your mouth will thank you later down the road. Spare yourself a costly repair, cosmetic dentistry may be more important than you think.

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