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Colorful Braces

Posted on Apr 14, 2021 11:01 pm

Although there was a day when no one wanted to get stuck wearing braces, times have changed. With the introduction of colorful braces, they have almost become a fashion statement. OK, maybe not quite that radical, but the options certainly make having braces more fun.

Why Opt for Colorful Braces?

Braces don’t actually come in colors, but they can be colorful. Braces work on the principle of applied tension. The orthodontist affixes brackets to each tooth. The brackets connect via an archwire. In order to hold the archwire in place, small rubber bands (called elastics) fit around the wires on the brackets. This maintains tension on the wires, which helps to move teeth into the correct positions.

When we talk about colorful braces, we are really talking about colored elastics. Although many people opt for clear brackets for the low-profile appeal, those can be colorful too. Colored elastics can be used on traditional metal braces and clear braces. This option does not include self-litigating brackets, though.

But why would you want to draw attention to braces? We actually don’t hear that question as often as you may think. The benefits of having a straight and healthy smile outweigh the old embarrassment about wearing braces. As this orthodontic appliance has become more accepted, the need to hide braces has disappeared.

You can also select new colors for your elastics each time your braces get an adjustment by the doctor. So start thinking about what colors you want!

Brighten Your Smile and Support Your Team!

Although 320 Dental Studio may not offer all the colors that Crayola does, we wanted to offer a few suggestions to help you choose your colors. You can leave your choice until the last minute, or you can put some thought into it before your appointment. When it comes to choosing your colors, there are no limits beyond the number of brackets in your mouth!

  • Support your favorite professional sports team (Go Vikings!)
  • School colors
  • Prom colors — match your outfit or the theme for the gathering
  • Support a cause (pink for cancer awareness, etc.)
  • Select a color that coordinates well with your wardrobe
  • Match your eye color

We hope we have given you enough ideas to help you choose. It does help if you think about your color choices before your appointment. If you’re not sure what colors are available, our staff will gladly let you know.

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