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Colorful Metal Braces

Colorful Braces in Alexandria, MN

Traditional Colorful braces provide many benefits to our patients. They work continuously, 24 hours a day, meaning patients do not need to worry about keeping them in for a certain amount of time or replacing them with the next in a set.

How to Braces Work?

Braces apply constant pressure to gradually shift teeth into their desired positions. Traditional braces are composed of stainless steel brackets, archwires, and elastics, which are periodically tightened throughout treatment to attain desired results. In addition to providing straight teeth, braces also offer significant benefits such as reducing tooth damage, preventing jaw problems, and improving overall health.

What are the Benefits of Braces?

Braces provide the most precise alignment option available, and with advanced technology, we can make them more stylish than ever before. While contemporary braces are metallic colored, there are a number of bands and features that we can utilize to spice them up. Many kids choose multicolored bands to express their individual sense of style and fun. Best of all, traditional braces cost much less than the popular clear aligners!

Why Choose Treatment with Braces?

Modern technology has made braces less noticeable and more comfortable than ever before. We understand that every case is different, so some patients may experience soreness or sensitivity when braces are first applied or tightened. However, this only means that your orthodontic treatment is working properly. Braces are designed to gently shift teeth into alignment, giving you a healthier and beautiful smile.

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