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Clear Braces vs Regular Braces

Posted on Jul 21, 2021 9:25 pm

If you’re debating clear braces vs regular braces, we can help clear up some of the confusion you may be having. Although very similar treatment methods, there are differences between the two that may sway your decision one way or the other. Join us as we explore the similarities and differences.

Clear Braces vs Regular Braces — Similarities

Both of these treatments work on the principle of creating tension to shift teeth into proper alignment. Each uses brackets and wires, which have been in use for many centuries.

Modern orthodontics date to 1728, when the French dentist Pierre Fauchard, wrote the book, “The Surgeon Dentist.” The book outlined techniques for straightening teeth, including the tensioning design in use today.

The process begins with the orthodontist affixing brackets to an individual’s teeth. Then an archwire is threaded between the brackets and tightened to create tension. The archwires are held in position using small rubber bands which are called elastics. Both are available with multi-color elastics, so you can deck yourself out with bright and lively colors if you want.

Both clear braces and regular braces work the same way. The treatment duration will be comparable. If the orthodontist says you will be wearing regular braces for 18 months, you would also be wearing clear braces for the same length of time.

We are listing cost as a similarity because the difference is very small. Clear braces are slightly more expensive than metal, but the pricing is comparable.

Clear Braces vs Regular Braces — Differences

Now let’s explore how the two systems differ. The first difference is the brackets themselves. Regular braces, also called traditional metal braces, use a stainless steel metal bracket. Although these have been getting smaller over the years, the brackets haven’t changed too much over time.

Clear braces use a ceramic bracket, which is clear (as the name implies). While these are similar in size and work like metal brackets, the clear backing allows the natural coloration of your teeth to show. This makes the clear bracket much less visible. While not as transparent as Invisalign, clear braces are a great option for teens and adults who want to keep their orthodontic treatment low-key.

The wires can be different also, although silver wires can be used with both. Clear braces usually have an option for a white wire instead of silver (this is not available at all orthodontist offices). The white wire blends better, adding to the low-key appearance of clear braces.

Making the Choice

When it comes to making a choice between clear braces and regular braces, it is mostly a matter of aesthetics. If you don’t care that people see your braces — opt to have traditional metal braces. If you are self-conscious, opt for the clear braces.

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