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Clear Braces


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If you’ve been looking into options for straightening your teeth, you may find yourself feeling you have to choose either the strong results of traditional braces or the discreet appearance of clear aligners. However, there is now a product on the market that merges the best of both worlds – high-quality results and a nearly invisible appliance.

Clear braces are are made up from the same components as traditional braces, except with ceramic brackets instead of stainless steel. We also offer white powder coated archwires, which help the appliances blend in too. Although they function just as efficiently as metal braces, they are considerably less noticeable. Clear braces allow patients to maintain their social and professional interactions without being embarrassed by their orthodontic treatment.

The greatest benefit of choosing clear braces for orthodontic treatment is the improved aesthetic. They are strong and durable enough to last throughout your full treatment time, and they offer a greater level of comfort by being less likely to irritate your gums.

Clear braces are available in two options: translucent brackets and color-blended brackets. Translucent brackets work better for whiter teeth, while tooth-blended brackets match with darker colorations.

Clear braces can help fix the most common orthodontic issues including:

Malocclusions (bad bites)

Crooked teeth

Gaps between teeth



The primary reason people want braces is to improve their smile. However, the benefits of ceramic braces can help prevent further complications such as gum disease and early tooth loss. Orthodontic treatment can provide added bonuses including a boost of self-esteem, improvement in speech, and better overall health.

The maintenance of clear braces is important. You should brush and floss after every meal and before you go to sleep to ensure any trapped food is removed. Clear braces may require you to slightly change your diet, as certain foods do not work well with your orthodontic treatment. Foods that are chewy, sticky, hard, or crunchy can cause complications such as broken brackets and wires. It is recommended to eat softer foods, especially following an orthodontist visit.

Clear braces can provide the fast treatment results of traditional metal braces while still offering the aesthetic benefits of Invisalign. To find out if ceramic braces is the best treatment option for you, speak with an experienced Alexandria Dentist such as Dr. Haack. During a complimentary consultation, we will assess and evaluate your needs and goals to determine the best choice available.