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Clear Braces in Alexandria, MN

Posted on Aug 26, 2019 5:41 pm

Are you interested in learning more about clear braces in Alexandria, MN?

If you’ve found yourself seeking orthodontic care that is both effective, and visually appealing, clear braces in Alexandria, MN may be the right choice for you. Clear braces are a technology somewhere between clear aligners and traditional braces. By remaining an effective treatment, these translucent aligners are a step into the future of orthodontic care. Clear braces are a great option for adults or teens like you. Working via straightening teeth free from the full appearance of traditional hardware.

Seeking Clear Braces in Alexandria, MN

Clear braces in Alexandria, MN are the right option for anyone looking to remain low-key during their orthodontic treatment. Without the stigma attached to traditional braces, clear braces are a great way to raise self-esteem while undergoing advanced treatment. Clear braces will promote healthier teeth, that are well-aligned. Therefore creating a healthier environment for your entire mouth. By leaving adequate room to clean and polish all areas of teeth, straighter teeth can provide a great benefit to anyone who is seeking orthodontic care.

What Materials are Clear Braces Made From?

Clear braces are made from the same components as traditional braces. Instead of utilizing stainless steel brackets, clear braces use ceramic brackets. To go another step further in providing a seamless appearance, 320 Dental Studio also coats the archwires in white powder to ensure that they blend well with the natural coloring of teeth. By incorporating these materials, 320 Dental Studio allows patients to go about their lives with minimal change in appearance. By using materials that are better suited to the individuality of your mouth, this is a cost-effective way to get traditional treatment with a minimalist appearance. This can definitely boost morale when going out with friends or meeting new people for example!

Contacting 320 Dental Studio

Contact Dr. Haack for more information when considering clear braces in Alexandria, MN. There are many different orthodontic treatments which may best suit you. To get started on your orthodontic journey, the first thing you should do is contact our office for your initial evaluation. We are here to help improve your life via the best orthodontic treatment!

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